We welcome you to Taywade Public School. The school consists of safe and happy environment, where children are inspired & nurtured to be confident and independent learners, determined to succeed in future. We take pride in our endeavours to provide students skilful knowledge that they can choose their path successfully.This prospectus gives you an outline of the school facilities being offered to your child. We hope that you find it interesting.  


Commitment to quality education for upliftment of students from backward class in rural area and to inculcate amongst them, a sense of self discipline, moral values and social responsibility with national integrity so as to make them responsible citizen.


To provide excellent teaching and learning environment with good infrastructure and to promote extracurricular and sports talent amongst students for their overall development

Chairman Desk

Education is the key to creating, adapting and spreading knowledge in all the disciplines and subjects. Keeping this objectives in mind. Taywade College Mahadula koradi Nagpur was started 1993.

Director Desk

Education is not creation and dissemination of knowledge but also to develop global competencies and to build the overall moral character of the learners. The College has sufficient infrastructural facilities such as specious building with well-equipped laboratories and library, qualified staff and extensive play ground with proper facilities for all the games and sports.

Principal Desk

Education is a learning process, an Education creates an understanding of moral and ethical values to guide one’s life and make children future-ready. We truly believe in holistic development and academic excellence of each & every individual mind. Let’s hold our hands and stand together for a cheerful journey and enlighten the path of success for our younger generations to achieve their goals of life..



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Mr.Verma Parent

My child always talk about the school and the work he is doing. I am really happy as a parent by admitting my child in Taywade School

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Mr. Kale Parent

With the teacher guidance my son/daughter has improved a lot. He has become lively and active. I as a parent I'm very satisfied.

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Mr. Nagdeve Parent

It is clear that a good school is a work of a good staff and good principal soon after the appointment of the good principal the school and academics of the students have developed a lot.

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Mrs. Mankar Parent

Our children always comes home happily talking about how good their teachers are. Taywade Public School surely has improved my son's vocabulary and character

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Mrs. Sharnagat Parent

The quality of education provided by the stall member are quite similar to the quality of education provided in the prestigious institutions at a reasonable fee structure

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Mr. Sheikh Parent

Good teachers and really helpful, my son's has learn a lot of things. I am very with school. Thank you for giving good quality education. We are thankful to principal mam and all teachers for their good work to create this environment.

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Mr. Patel Parent

"My child child love school, enjoys everyday and looks up to her teacher" I am very happy for my child she is well looked after in school and learns a lot of things progressing everyday. " Every good, helpful principal and teachers.



what needs in shaping the clump of earth to a facinating eye catching bowl is the touch of experienced fingers of a potter.
The management thus at the very outset focus on providing experienced faculties who can govern learners in right direction and empower knowledge beyond schooling.
In Taywade Public School faculty members aim to modify the nature of the educand and not merely impart certain amount of Knowledge.
 Help pupils to value the diversity in surrounding.
 Helps children to develop love towards learning.
 Provide broad, balanced and creative curriculum.
 Provide happy, healthy, secure and caring environment.
 Encourages children to work in collaboration/in partnership.
 Guide them to maintain high standards of physical and social behaviours.
 Helps to enhance confidence & have a voice that can change the world.
 Inspire them to have healthy lifestyle & positive attitude.

“Education does not mean teaching people to know that they do not know, it means them to behave as they do not behave.”